2018 Second Year of BA Fashion (Hons) Sem 2

Snakeskin may either refer to the skin of a live snake, leather of a dead snake or the shed skin after moulting. The shedded skin is a symbol of new life and rejuvenation. When the snake starts shedding its skin, it is its weakest time. It is believed that the snake dies and is reborn. 


The garments are inspired by the texture and pattern on the snakeskin as well as the sound of the snake. The use of transparent material gives a sense that it acts as a part of the wearer. The wearing and taking the garments off from the body represents the process of shedding skin.

1 copy.jpg

Snakeskin-Like Texture

Creates the sound of snake while walking.

Photography - Jm Mercado Tagarda

Makeup - Melita Austin

Model - Tianya Duerden

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