2018 Second Year of BA Fashion (Hons) Sem 1

Power is either defined as the capacity to influence others and stay uninfluenced, or as having control over different types of resources (e.g. financial resources). Power is not simply something that can make us feel superior, more unique and different from others, power is seductive. It is also addictive and delicious, and once people get power, remaining objective and keeping their wits is not easy. It requires restraint and discipline. Everywhere you look, you see evidence of people not knowing how to handle power. Most of us have a painful memory of someone who once had power over us abusing that power. Every day we see people with power using it in ways we disagree with. And even more vexing are people who have power but are afraid to use it, or just don’t know what to do with it. Power itself is not necessarily a bad thing but when power is combined with abuse, the problem begins.



2018 First Year of BA Fashion (Hons) Sem 2

Graduit is a French term describing the freedom movement represented in the dance of ballerinas. They dance effortlessly, stretching their arms and legs with their strength which is breath-taking. They freely express themselves without limit or control. 


The design is inspired by the flow of the dancer's body and use of the garment to decorate her movement.


The spirit of the ballerina is demonstrated through the contrast of satin and linen fabric with a subtle design, capturing the appearance of gravity-defying, dynamic lightness.

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Technical Drawings